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Attitude suggestion:

If you are new to Linux, you will find it difficult at first, but you must stick to it and follow the existing learning plan to learn continuously. Remember to stop halfway!

System selection suggestions

redhat \ centos \ ubuntu, redhat and centos are more commonly used as server operating systems in the business. If it is a desktop Linux operating system, choose Ubuntu.

Installation recommendations:

 If you just start the installation, you can directly install it using a virtual machine. You can install it without using a real machine. When I am relatively proficient in the back, I will install Linux on the real machine, which will be more secure.

The selected virtual machine can be VMWARE / VIRTUALBOX to install. You can start with the graphical interface at the beginning, not necessarily using a text terminal from the beginning.

Practice suggestions:

Learning Linux should be more practice if you just listen and see it is difficult to digest. It is better to understand the knowledge points based on hands-on exercises.

Recommended Operation Command:

There is no need to memorize all the operation commands deliberately. There are many commands on the Linux system, and all of them are very unrealistic. You can familiarize yourself with the commonly used commands.

These commonly used commands include the following: pipeline commands, daily system operations (on / off, network management, file operations), disk management commands, and so on.

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Method recommendations:

Learning Linux in a short time to get started requires focus and time and energy before it can be effective. Learning time is precious. You can ask for help when you encounter problems. You can better straighten out this basic knowledge.

Try to think and process yourself. Get started quickly and improve after getting started.

Help suggestion:

To learn Linux, you can search for relevant knowledge on Baidu or Google, but some things may not be searchable. The Linux system itself is a very good tutorial. How to use the command, you can use man and help for related review;

How to use the service configuration can also be found through the man or the comment in the configuration file itself. Go SPOTO CLUB to learn more.

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