Questions about MSTP


1. Change the spanning tree mode of the three switches to MSTP.

2. Set SW1 to the root bridge of VLAN 10, 20, and set the root bridge of SW2 to VLAN 30, 40.

Question: SW3 in the MSTP experiment on the CCNA cloud experiment is shown below:

Answer: The Bound (RSTP) is displayed in the figure, indicating that the STP mode of these ports is running in the RSTP. The reason for this problem is that the SW3 only changes the running mode of the spanning tree to MST, but does not add the corresponding VLAN to the corresponding instance. in.


Spanning-tree mode MST ##Enable MST, default is PVST+

Spanning-tree MST configuration ##Enter MST configuration mode

Name test ##Note that the instance name between the switches must be the same

Instance 1 VLAN 2,3

Instance 2 VLAN 4,5 ##Configuration example includes Vlan

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