How long take to learn CCIE?

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After a rigorous and scientific curriculum planning, it takes 6 months to study CCIE for those no experience on SPOTO. If you already have the basic knowledge of CCNA and CCNP, then it takes 4 months. Of course, this time is the time for the candidate to ensure that the training is strictly followed by the SPOTO planned training. For the zero-based candidates, it is worthwhile to exchange CCIE for half a year.

Then, in these 6 months, do candidates need to continue to study CCIE every moment? The answer is no. Many candidates who participate in the training are office workers, they need their own working hours, and learning CCIE usually uses off-hours. Therefore, we have arranged a spare class to facilitate the candidates to learn. Amateur class time is usually 2 weekdays nights + one afternoon + weekends night.

Next, let's take a closer look at SPOTO's curriculum for candidates.

CCNA has 14 classes, four times a week, each time 2-2.5 hours, a total of 24 days; CCNP a total of 18 classes, 4 times a week, 2-2.5 hours each time, a total of 35 days; CCIE theory a total of 16 lessons, 4 times a week, 2-2.5 hours each time, a total of 30 days; CCIE LAB takes 3 months, the investment time is 3 hours a day on weekdays, 8 hours on weekends. From the arrangement of the training, we can see the difficulty of the CCIE LAB exam.

For CCIE theory training, SPOTO must-have exercises after each class, whether the test is learned, and there will be after-school playback. Candidates can watch live video in the classroom in Tencent within 24 hours, while learning after class Notes, attendance notes, help candidates to learn, in addition, the Symbian will be combined with the Lab exam to create a topic, the topic of the class contains the knowledge of the exam, the study is the test, the test is used.

For CCIE LAB, before the exam, SPOTO will formulate a study time schedule based on the student's time. The students can complete the schedule every day. SPOTO has the latest test report to help candidates understand the dynamics of the test. The teacher will follow up with the students' learning in real-time, answer questions from the candidates, conduct unit tests, and learn to follow. At the same time, SIB will conduct pre-test simulation tests. The simulation test is provided before the test, and the test environment is highly restored to the test room environment to ensure the pass rate! Pass the exam normally. SPOTO's teacher will also explain to the candidates 8 hours of precautions, exam skills and so on.

In general, CCIE with no experience takes only 6 months, and candidates who need it can contact us!

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